Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why I {Hate} the Word "Bored"


There are a few phrases that are not allowed to be said in our home.  One such phrase is, "This is boring." or the popular "I am bored."   Basically the same. 

Honestly, I can think of only one or two times that I have heard it come out of the mouths of my babes.  And each time it occurred because my children heard it from some other children during a play date.  I don't think they even knew what it meant.  But as they get older, I know it is a phrase that they will hear more and more and be tempted to repeat at home.

Let me explain why I {despise} these sets of words.

Most children in the States are surrounded by play opportunities.  Many families are swimming in toys from birthday and Christmas gifts.  Even if that it not your situation, give a child a box and watch the imagination fly!

Oftentimes this statement of boredom is a cop-out.  Children say that they are bored when they want the adult to think for them.  Think of something for them to do.  Through past situations, the child has learned that the adult will go through great links to make sure that he or she is not bored. (This goes back to the importance of training your child to play independently.)

Sometimes children use this statement when they want to be entertained.  As with the first point, the child wants to sit back and be pampered.  Unfortunately, this desire for entertainment never gets fulfilled and the stakes get higher and higher with each demand.

Children also say this because they need direction.  Provide the child with two or three ideas to get him or her started on a project and boredom often disappears.  I often ask my kids, "Would you like to hear ideas of what some others kids have done in your situation?"   This lays the control in the child's hands.  Depending on the child's attitude, these suggestions may likely be followed with, "I don't like that." or "I don't want to do that."  This is when I tell my child that he can either choose an activity himself or I will choose one for him - most likely a chore!  Suddenly a stream of direction comes their way!

This week we have spent a lot of time discussing the importance of independent play.   The importance of, the how, and the why.  And in this post, I shared what sometimes occurs when independent play isn't expected.  Boredom and expectations of a horse and pony show. 

A dear friend of mine often says, "God did not make me to be my child's playmate."

God made me to be my child's molder, impresser of the Word, support, and biggest cheerleader.  That, I can do!

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