Monday, September 2, 2013

Guest Post: What Did You Learn from Week 2?


LaToya offered to write a post about their second week using ABC Jesus Loves Me. I especially love what this Mommy has to say about learning being able to take place everywhere!

I’m a planner by nature and I approach homeschooling the same way. I had planned to start a week “early” because I would be starting school myself when August 24th rolled around. Week 1 went off without a hitch, but Week 2 would prove to be more challenging. In fact for us week two never happened. Life kind of got in the way a bit and aside from singing the Bible verse all day long nothing else got done.

But that was fine because it just meant that we would be on the right week according to the curriculum. And having that week off really opened my eyes to something that I was missing before: when you are intentional about teaching your child you can “do school” whenever and however you want. WOW!! What an eye opener that was.

Week 2 started off with a bang. We read the bible story and sang our songs as we got dressed in the morning. We did some review questions on the way to school or the store. We replaced our usual bedtime stories with a few of the My First Steps books. We worked on drawing while playing at the park. Art and games were done while baby brother took his nap. By the end of the week I’d accomplished everything that I wanted to without having a specific time when we sat down to “do school”.

I learned a lot in our two weeks of Week 2:
Life happens. There’s no stopping life events. For us there was a major shift in the dynamics of our family and home but looking back that didn’t mean that school needed to be on hold.

Learning takes place EVERYWHERE. As long as I knew that I wanted to be teaching during the week, I could do it anywhere (waiting in the line at the grocery store, doing laundry, cooking dinner). {This is where the "I am Learning..." Objectives Posters help.} There’s no need to sit down and announce that we were going to work on math.  I simply needed to start counting with my son. We can sing anywhere. Read at anytime.

Make it fun! In my need for order I forgot that we were supposed to have fun. I never want learning to seem like a burden or a chore. My son loves to learn and I want to keep it that way.

LaToya, writes about mommyhood at Christian Momma and homeschooling her two boys. Thank you LaToya! 

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Would you be interested in writing a review for Week 3 or simply what you are doing with ABCJLM? Please let me know!!

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