Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting a Child to Sit for Story Time

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Kim shared this simple yet wise idea on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group:
For stories, songs,  and poem learning we have "rug time"  We lay a 'baby' quilt (since they are smaller) on the floor. Then, each child gets a throw pillow to sit on that is his or her "seat."  After just one week of doing this routine, when I say it's time for a book my 2-year-old will drag out the blanket, get both pillows, and inform me which is hers and which is sissy's! Love to see her understand and get excited about reading (even if her attention lasts about 60 seconds).
What Kim did was to create a routine (get your blanket and pillow) and set the expectations (sit on the seat during this time.) Fabulous!

What kind of routine do you have to begin a particular learning?