Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Create a Preschool Notebook

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With four littles in our house, our refrigerator is not big enough to hold all of the art work and handwriting papers.  I needed someway to showcase and organize the learning our children were doing during preschool time.  The idea of a Preschool Notebook or Journal came from Dina on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group.  It's a way to keep current worksheets and calendars assessable, combine all of the activities that the child has done throughout the curriculum, and see progress along the way.  I loved the concept and wanted to share it with everyone.

In the front of my kiddos' folders are the worksheets to be covered for the week. Any handwriting worksheets are placed in a reusable protector.  Also included is a monthly calendar (DLTK has several free printable calendars to create).  This is a great place for mommy to also keep handwritten lesson plans or other ideas. 

As a worksheet is finished, we place it in the folder.  Organize the worksheets by finish date or by category (Bible coloring, handwriting, etc.)

Make a daily or weekly tradition to have the child show the notebook to Daddy or a family member and explain what he or she is learning.

Read more on the ABCJLM website about Creating a Preschool Notebook.

How do you organize your child's finished projects. 

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