Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tips from You: Helping Children Sit During Storytime


A while back I asked the ABCJLM Family on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group to share tips.  Michelle shared this with me. 

As a former daycare and preschool teacher I learned from seasoned teachers to have kids sit in their booster or highchair during storytime. It allows the child to stay focused and calm. We typically do this at home after meals or snacks to transition into school work. First we will do our listening activity then go on to our craft or writing activity.

Another idea is to have them sit on a carpet square or blanket.  The point is that is gives the child a specific area to stay during listening time.  

Another seasoned teacher taught me the magic of a lollipop. When working with a group she would let the children get a lollipop and the children would sit to listen.

I give my kiddos suckers while I cut their hair. 

Another great tip I learned is that wherever you are doing your school work make sure the toys are picked up and out of sight. Little minds wonder very easily.

Simple tips that can make a huge difference!

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What tip can you share?

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