Monday, August 5, 2013

Preparing to Impress {Preparing Your Home}


If my home is out of order, I feel chaotic.  I am uptight and scattered.  This could also be because while I am spending time trying to find what I need, my children begin to run amuck!  So in order for us to have a successful school year, my house must be prepared.

In this week's section of the "Preparing to Impress" series, we will focus on a few aspects of preparing our homes.   
  • Preparing Rooms and Closets
  • Preparing Meals
  • Preparing Supply "Closet"
  • Preparation through Home Hints
Without further ado, let's begin with preparing rooms.  (We will cover the rest of the topics in the next few posts.) 

There are three reasons why preparing the rooms and closets helps us have a successful year.

First, as I have already alluded to, I want to spend time with my kiddos and not play an ugly game of "desperate catch up." I have discovered that when the house is in chaos, my attitude is snippy and ugly.  I want to remove any tool the enemy may use that might take my time and focus off my kids and my husband.

Secondly, I want my kids to be successful in their chores When my children know exactly where to place something, the process is simple and they will put the item away correctly.  But when my kiddos aren't sure where something goes or if the shelf is too cluttered, the item gets hidden under the bed or in a corner.  Decluttering and cleaning helps my children be successful in their tasks and keeps them from lying!  (Be sure to show your child where each item belongs when you are finished decluttering.)

Last, decluttering reminds me how incredibly blessed we are.  We have so much "stuff." Time to share with others as so many have shared with us. 

In this post, we are concentrating on creating a place for everything and putting everything in it's place.  For me this means spending some time in each closet and room situating things that have lazily been placed instead of put away.  It will also mean passing on blessings we can no longer use that have been given to us.  It is amazing how much more space we have when everything is put in the correct place. 

As with all of the activities in this series, involve your child(ren) in this process.  Even young children can help organize.  Take advantage of the teachable moments.  Teach sorting by color, size, or category.  Discuss how God has blessed you with the items that you have.  Talk about sharing what you have with those who don't have. 

In our home, this means going through the bedrooms and closets, playroom closet, and laundry room (where all of our craft supplies are).  Depending on your situation, this may take a couple of days to a few weeks.  Do a little at a time and you will conquer the clutter monster!

For those who may need some assistance getting started in this progress, I suggest the "Desperate to Declutter" series that I wrote last year.  Everyone else, grab a few trash bags (one each for give and trash) and prepare to impress!

And I am off to Sweet Pea's room.  That girl is a hoarder!

Next Post:  Preparing Meals

What area of the house do you struggle with keeping organized the most?

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