Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preparing to Impress {Impressing While Preparing}


Today is the fourth post in our "Preparing to Impress" series.  And as I have promised, on Monday we will dive in with specific activities for you to get busy.  But there is one more subject that I feel needs to be mentioned.  (Because I need the reminder.)

Preparation can be a daunting task.  I often find that my nerves get on edge because my children ~ and husband ~ don't find preparation as exciting and important as I do.  (Go figure!)  I run over everything and everyone in my way that will hinder me finishing this preparation.  And I feel justified in my actions because I am making life better for everyone!  And in my unrealistic mind, when the prep process is over...our life will be picture perfect. 

But impression doesn't begin when preparation is finished.  And nothing goes perfectly, no matter how much prep work occurs.

There are times when a mommy has to finish something and my kiddos watch a "What's in the Bible?" videoBut when the preparation process becomes more important than the impressing, things are out of whack. 

On Monday we will begin preparing our homes.  Include your children in the activity.  Give them a small job to do.  Teach them about organizing, taking care of what God has given us, and sharing what you have with others.  Make it fun with some energetic music in the background.  Take a break to dance and have a fun snack.  On the hour read a book and pull out toys that the child maybe hasn't seen for a while.  But  remember they are kids and no child has a desire to organize for eight hours a day. 

Prepare but don't forget that we are always impressing something. 

Next:  Preparing Your Home

Preparing Mommy has been our focus this week.  Are you prepared?

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