Thursday, August 29, 2013

Preparing to Impress {Daily Lesson Plans}

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Are daily lesson plans available for the ABCJesusLovesMe curriculum?
This is a question that I receive through email and on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group frequently.  And the answer to this question puts many into a panic!

So, let's see if I can answer this question for you and help you break the lesson plans down in a simple way!

All four of the preschool curricula contain 36 weekly lesson plans.  Each week contains a list of items needed, objectives to cover throughout the week, and ideas to help your child learn the objectives. 

I stress often to not let the lesson plans dictate you week.  Instead, incorporate the objectives into your daily activities.  It is up to you what and how you cover the objectives.

But don't worry, I have several ideas to get you started!

1.  Example routines.
See daily schedule examples and use the template to create your own.

2.  Scheduling a Lesson Plan into a Week
View detailed examples and a demonstration video depending on the depth of planning that you desire. 

3.  How to Teach the Objectives in a Week 
Introduce, Recognize, Identify:  View a basic lesson plan overview for teaching new concepts. Each step gives the child more ownership into the learning. Ideally, this progression will occur throughout the week. The amount of time it takes to get to step 3 will vary depending on the child and the concept learned.

4.  36 Week Table and Sub Tables 
The 36 Week Objectives Tables give you a wonderful glance at what is covered each week without seeing the list of items needed and suggested activities.  These tables are especially great if you have chosen to only cover specific parts of the objectives. 

5.  What Do I Need to Use the ABCJLM Curriculum

6.  How To Write Lesson Plans 
From simple to detailed, this post helps you understand how to get started.

The key to the ABCJLM Curriculum is to be intentional.  Learning can happen throughout the day, every day.  Parents can teach science, math, character education, Biblical concepts, reading, and so much more if we will simply take a moment to pull out the learning.

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