Monday, August 19, 2013

Preparing to Impress {Checklist}


If you are following the ABCJLM Curriculum to a tee you know that the official start date is next week.  Of course you know that you can begin the curriculum at any time but if you desire for the holidays to match with the learning and the review weeks, August 26th is your start day.  And this is the date that I will begin using the 2 Year Curriculum with Peanut and the 5 Year Curriculum with Little Man. 

To end our "Preparing to Impress" series, I will spend this week sharing specific things that I am doing to prepare for Monday.  We will cover the following topics:
  • Getting Started
  • Tactile Letters and Numbers
  • Objective Pre/Post Checklists
  • "I am Learning..." Objective Posters
  • Specific Planning (Using Two Curriculum at Once)
Today, I am going to share a checklist to help you prepare to begin.  If you have been following our "Preparing to Impress" series, you will have several of these steps already finished.  And if not, don't let the list intimidate you.  Do what you can, when you can.  This list is provided to lessen stress, not create it.

Preparing to Impress

    Order or Print the Curriculum and Workbooks - There is still time to order Curricula and Workbooks!  I encourage you to choose the Priority mail option.
    □ Watch the Introductory Video of the ABCJLM website to quickly navigate the site as well as learn available tips and extra ideas provided on the site.

    □ Read the "Start Now" pages especially the "How to Teach" suggestions.
    □ Familiarize yourself with the format of the Lesson Plans by reading the Lesson Plan Overview page for each curriculum.  (i.e. 2 Year
     Print and prepare to use the Objective ChecklistI will explain how to use this later this week.  
     Gather and  organize supplies for learning activities and crafts.  Put all needed books on hold at the library or order from Amazon  or another supplier.  Each curriculum contains a Supply List under the Curriculum: Extra Ideas.  Suggestions on organization were covered two weeks ago in this series.

    If you have decided to use flannelgraph to tell the Bible stories, cut out the flannelgraph Bible characters needs for the first few Bible stories.
    Prepare a "School Zone" so that you have all of the supplies needed and minimal distractions.  Make sure that the area has good lighting and preferably a desk or table that is appropriately sized for your child(ren). 

    Create a Schedule.  Designate specific times into your week that will be used for school activities only.  This may be the time that you do writing activities, reading, or Bible story.  We covered this last week in this series and will go into more details this week.  
    Join the ABCJLM Facebook Group and Forum as well as follow this blog so that you can ask any questions and glean ideas from what others are doing.

    □ Begin each morning with A Quiet Time, Worth the Time and ask the Holy Spirit to guide the time that you are intentionally impressing on your child.
Well, there you have it!  Let me know how it goes...and what I forgot!

Tomorrow:  Making Tactile Letters and Numbers

What else are you doing to prepare?

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