Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kitchen Utensils That Save My Sanity


You are going to think that I am crazy.  And it is true.  Having four children will do this to you! 

But there are two kitchen utensils that I couldn't do without.  If they broke, I would go buy a replacement.  These two help cut down on meal prep time and preparing plates of food.

Of course the Pizza Wheel is great for cutting pizza.  But I use it to cut syrup covered pancakes and waffles, grilled chicken, quesadillas, and spaghetti.  Actually, the pizza wheel will cut about any food on a child's plate.  I have even wished I had one of these with me when we go to restaurants because it is quick, easy, and mess free!  
Ice Cream Scoop Spoons are great for forming cute ice cream cones - if the ice cream is somewhat soft.  Other than that, I thought they were pretty worthless.  On contraire!  I now use various sizes of ice cream scoop spoons for dishing up muffin batter, meatballs, or jello salads.  So much easier than using a table spoon.  And, I have consistent sizes. 

It truly is the little things!  Read more of my tips in the post 26 Home Hints

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How do you use your favorite kitchen utensil?


  1. I never would have guessed... haha... I do not even own either of those kitchen utensils... what am I missing out on? I am going to call my husband and ask him to pick up a pizza cutter on his way home today. You have changed my kitchen.

  2. Replies
    1. my scoop spoons are definately my favorite too! i never thought about how much i use my pizza wheel until now, but it too would have to be a favorite.

    2. You probably taught me about this!

  3. Duh - I only use the pizza wheel to cut pizza and you are totally right. Why didn't I find your blog months ago?


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