Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's in the Bible?: Spreading the Good News

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It comes at no surprise that I love the "What's in the Bible?" DVD series.  I have sung the praises of the Jelly Telly and Phil Vischer team since the first video was made available. 

Not along ago the 11th video was realized.  Spreading The Good News! covers the book of Acts, the first church, Saul's conversion to Paul, and struggles that Christians faced.  The video is everything that I have come to expect from this series.  Quality, biblical accuracy, and the ability to take hard topics and make them easy to understand. 

But I have also come to expect one more level from this team...hitting the hard questions head on.  Instead of skirting around the tough stuff in the Bible, this series runs smack dab into the middle of the issue helping parents and children understand God's love for them.  Kudos to the Jelly Telly team.

The second section of this video begins by telling the story of Stephen.  A man who loved Jesus and desired all to know the Good News of the Gospel.  But if you remember, the story of Stephen doesn't turn out well.  He was the church's first martyr.  And as most DVD's covering the books of Acts do, the "What's in the Bible?" team moves on to Paul.  We learn how God saved Paul from sickness, shipwrecks, and so many other catastrophes.  But they don't stop there.  Time for the hard question.  "Why did God save Paul so many times yet not Stephen?"

And young and old alike hold their breathes waiting for the answer to the ultimate question.

In an amazing and beautiful way Phil explains, "We live in a world where bad things happen. God has a plan to make all the bad things go away - to heal what is broken. We have HOPE - hope that a world without hurt is coming - a world that we’ve tasted already through the amazing things God has done! THAT’S the hope inside EVERYONE who follows Jesus!"

And so my praise for these videos continue.  Explaining the Bible, God's love story to us. 

Unlike the other video posts, this video was not given to me for reviewing purposes.  I choose to share it with you because I believe so much in the "What's in the Bible?" mission and videos.

Have you made the life-long investment into the "What's in the Bible?" DVD's?

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