Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: The Read with Me Bible & Cd’s

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The  desire to have the Bible on Cd’s has caught on so much that many of the children’s Bible series are following suit.  And why not?  The Cd’s are just one more way for children to hear the wonderful stories that fill the Bible.

Read with Me Bible Deluxe Edition, NIrV is one of the newest to release a Deluxe Edition consisting of a Bible and two Cd’s which contain the entire Bible in narrative. Subtle sound effects accompany the calm narration.


The illustrations of the Read with Me Bible separates this Bible storybook from others in its class.  Unlike the others, illustrator Dennis Jones creates almost super hero like Bible characters.   This makes sense when you realize that he also illustrated the Super Heros Bible.  I have reviewed several other books that he has done as well.  I realize that this “look” has personal appeal but honestly, I like the softer, more classic illustrations in children’s books.  Again, this is a personal  opinion and may be a big draw to some children and adults.

The Bible stories are based on the New International Reader’s Version which is commonly used in Bible geared for late preschool and early elementary aged children.  This version shortens the verses and simplifies some of the harder to understand word.  Included in the Bible is also a dictionary.

We use the Bible on Cd’s for nap time.  The kiddos listen while resting or reading.  It is amazing how many of the stories they can quote back.

Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review this set. 

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