Thursday, July 25, 2013

Got Wisdom?, Day 4

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Okay...we have learned these past few days that we need it. We realize that God wants to give it to us.   We have even discussed how to find it.  But now we need to figure out what wisdom is.

Here is the best definition that I have heard.
Wisdom - seeing and responding to the issues of life through God's perspective
Isn't that what we want?  I mean book-smarts are great for high school and college maybe but, let's be honest, book-smarts don't help us a whole lot in parenting.  What we need as moms, wives, and friends is wisdom.  We need the ability to see things through God's eyes.  Then we need the knowledge to know how to respond. 

Today...right now...take a moment and ask God to give you wisdom in whatever situation you are facing.  Ask God to provide godly people in your life to help you make sense of the situation.  Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read God's Word.  No matter how big or small, God wants to give you wisdom. 

Dear God, thank You for being omniscient.  Thank You that no problem is too small.  Thank You that no problem is too big.  God, I lack wisdom in so many areas, but You promise in Your Word, in James 1:5, that if I ask for wisdom, You will give it to me liberally and without reproach.  God I ask in faith knowing that Your Word is absolute truth.  Open my eyes to the wisdom You are going to give me.  I praise You for the what You are going to do for Your glory.  In Jesus' name...

What is wisdom?

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