Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Precious Unhealthy Baby


At Women's Ministry sometimes prayer request time can become raw.  A time of confession of thoughts, feelings, and concerns.  A while back a friend, who is pregnant with her second child, expressed prayer for their coming baby.  As the conversation continued, she explained that she was nervous about this baby coming - how the baby would fit into their current family of three, the baby's health, etc. She explained that they were praying for a healthy baby but she was worried about this.

For some reason this request moved me.

We have all heard that comment, "I don't care whether it is a boy or a girl. I just want a healthy baby." Unlike the other ten girls in the room, my husband and I didn't have that "healthy baby" that everyone prays for.

With tears in my eyes, I knew that I needed to say something. All of the girls knew our story and know Bubs. I told them, "Unhealthy babies are extremely precious too."

Upon saying that, I realized that we did not get our healthy-baby prayer answered but we got our Bubs. And we wouldn't trade him for a world of healthy babies.

Reposted from January 2009


  1. thats soo true ...nice article :)

  2. That statement brought tears to my eyes. My sweet boy (we call him LuLu) is almost 3 doesn't speak but he surely tries.we are madly inlove with him and his sister's adore him!! I couldn't imagine him any different.


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