Monday, June 10, 2013

A Bored Preschooler?

Do you have those days when you need a quick idea?  Do you need something new to do with your kiddo that won't require a large amount of prep time or running to Hobby Lobby?

Did you know that the ABCJLM website has over 300 ideas at your fingertips? 

Each of the Extra Ideas pages contain an Activity of the Day.  Here you will find a simple idea that can almost immediately be implemented with your children.  And even if you don't like the idea currently showing, just refresh the page and a new idea will pop up. 

Ideas range from crayon rubbings to playing a card game.  From transferring water with a sponge to making a noodle necklace.  Games of counting doors in your house to making toast into various shapes.  All preschool driven and fun inspired.  

Sometimes it's not what you are doing but that you are doing something new.

So head on over to the ABCJLM website and try one out with your family. 

What ideas can you add?

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