Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Put the Fire Out!

Need a fun outside game that incorporates gross and fine motor skills...and water?  This activity is great for this time of year when it may be too cool to swim but the kids are begging to play in water.

Several years ago I found the idea of "Put the Fire Out" on YourTherapySource.com.  This website has several great ideas to include gross and fine motor activities into play.

"Put the Fire Out" is a sidewalk-chalk and water game that can involve the whole family.  We liked the game so much that I have included it as the gross motor skill activity in all of the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum Week 1 Lesson Plans.

A couple things to remember when doing this game:
1. Ask the child what he thinks will happen to the fire when water is put on it
2. Allow the child to think about what activity is next
3. Encourage the child to wring out the sponge - this is a great fine motor activity
4. Talk about fire safety

On our ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group, Brandy shared the idea of "making it more like a hop scotch game. I put an "a" or "b" in each box and called out a letter so my daughter had to choose the box I was calling out to go up the ladder to the fire."

For written directions on this activity, click here.  Check out this great activity and others from Your Therapy Source

Share another outside game that your family likes to play.

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