Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Have You Seen It?

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It's a pretty big change.  The logo, the look, the navigation.  All new and improved!  And your response has been wonderful. 

As I promised, the ABCJesusLovesMe.com website has had a complete makeover.  You will notice that all of the side menus have been moved to the top and the curriculum links have been combined for easy access.  Several of you have comments on how much you love the new site and how easy it is to navigate.

This change did not happen over night.  Nor was it a solo job.  A shout out to John and Mark who gave me great advice, pointed me in the right direction, and dug into the code for the time saving help.  Thank you to my mom for checking link after link, after link to make sure that they all worked.  A huge thanks to my husband who understands that extra little bit that I needed to make this work and for his encouragement. 

Thank you to all who sent prayers my way during this endeavor.  They were felt in so many ways. 

But the praise actually goes upward.  Any good that you see on the website is because of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  ABCJLM is His site and I am simply the vessel He chose to provide it for families, churches, and schools around the world.

Oh, one more thing.  There will be a huge giveaway announced next week.  The largest giveaway that we have had on this site.  Be sure to "Follow" so you don't miss it. 

So without further ado, click over to the new site and let me know what you think?


  1. I'll poke around the site a little later in the week, but so far I really like the changes!!! It looks like it'll be much easier to find what I'm looking for! I see the calendar has been updated too! Thanks!

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for making these lesson plans available. I've only found the site about three weeks ago, but I love the ideas and have enjoyed doing some of the projects with my daughter. I especially love that it is Christ centered, as well as putting an equal emphasis on academics. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

    1. So glad that you are enjoying the new site! Thank you for blessing me with your kind words.


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