Thursday, May 23, 2013

Answering Your "Stupid" Questions #12


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A while back I asked on our Facebook Group for all of your "stupid" questions - all of those questions that you may be embarrassed to ask.

It is finally time for me to share my thoughts!  (If you missed questions #1-11, be sure to click back to read them.)

Questions #12:  Do we move on with the lesson even if the child after the "introduce,  recognize,  and identify" still couldn't identify the subject correctly or consistently? Or do we continue to teach the same thing (perhaps by adding one or two more lessons one it) to ensure the child can correctly identify before we move to the next subject to be taught?

This is an excellent question and one that needs to be answered and added to our FAQ page on the ABC Jesus Loves Me website. 

The 2 Year and 5 Year Curriculum are both introductory.  By this I mean that the goal is to introduce the child to many specific objectives.  Depending on the two-year-old, he or see may or may not be ready to identify objectives.  Just the same, the 5 Year Curriculum introduces the child to many more subjects and learning that are then reinforced in Kindergarten. 

In contrast, the 3 Year and 4 Year Curriculum contain the bulk of the need-to-know preschool objectives making the introduce, recognize, and identify necessary. 

As you teach you child(ren), you will see that some objectives are learned in minutes while others will take several weeks and maybe even months.  And that is okay!  Every child has strengths and weaknesses.  It is up to you as the teacher to decide if a concept needs more time, is completed, or may need to be put to the side for a while. 

Completed:  The child can easily identify the objectives in several situations.

Need more time:  The child can recognize but can not yet identify the objective.  Continue to discuss and bring the objectives into play.  With time, the child will be learn the concept - probably when you least expect it. 

Set aside for a while:  Sometimes children are not developmentally ready for a concept.  It could be that the fine and gross motor skills are not developed to the degree needed (i.e. Handwriting).  Maybe the brain isn't ready for mathematically learning yet.  Learning is a building process.  Each level requires prior learning for the child to grasp the new objective.  It may mean that you need to go back to an earlier lessons to fill in any holes of learning. 

One more point.  As we discussed in yesterday's question, there is much more to preschool learning than academic concepts and the ABCJLM Curriculum are so much more than the memorization of academic concepts.  Bible, fine motor skills, social skills are just a few of the other topics covered in the curriculum.  I can not encourage you enough to move past the "drill and kill" form of learning and make learning part of the day.

And it is so much easier to move ahead than have to move backwards.

One more question tomorrow.  

Do you agree or disagree with any of this response?  Let us know your thoughts!

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