Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your Eternal Fingerprints

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In her book “She's Gonna Blow!” Julia Ann Barnhill shares a childhood memory from the small church she attended with her grandparents.  She doesn't share stories of Sunday School activities or crafts she made.  It is the older women in the church who made an impact on her. 

She explains that these women were not high society or stylist divas. What set the women in her church apart were their “manner of showing the love of Christ to their family and to those around them.” 

Julie Ann goes on to share about her Grandma. While her grandma did many good deeds throughout the years, there was more to this godly woman.  Julie Ann shares that her grandma allowed the “tenderness and the compassion of her Savior Jesus Christ to permeate her daily life."

Did you catch what made these women impactful?

These women didn't leave a legacy of cooking skills and being excellent homemakers – though they maybe were. Upon their death beds, people didn't care if they dressed well or had finely decorated homes. What mattered was the “eternal fingerprints of God” that they each left on those who came into contact with them.

Just for my sake, one more time. What set these women apart?

These woman were impactful because they showed the love, tenderness, and compassion of Christ to those around them.   

What does your eternal fingerprint look like?

Thank you to Harvest House Publishing for allowing me to review this helpful book. 

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