Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Need Sensory Input? Jump!


I have talked several times about our love of the trampoline and how much of a calming effect it has on Bubs and Little Man.  Seven minutes of jumping can transform a child.  Jumping can pull Bubs out of a horrible meltdown or calm Little Man when he is bouncing with impulsive behaviors.

But I understand that large, outdoor trampolines aren't feasible options for all families.  Even mini-trampolines might not work for your situation. 

In my opinion, the second best option is a Hopping Ball or Jumping Ball.

There is not a day gone by that this toy isn't used in our home. A little different than the ones pictured, our jumping balls are actually shaped like a frog and a kangaroo.  Many times a week our boys, dressed as soldiers, hop off to battle on these animals.  Or the kids will have races.  Often times, they get on them just to jump around the house. 

The great thing about the balls is that the child gets exercise as well as the sensory input. Great for balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. There are different sizes available for various aged kids. We use them exclusively in the house but they can be used on smooth surfaces outside as well.

Another great tip that we learned from Occupational Therapy - jump! 

How does your child get sensory input?

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