Friday, March 1, 2013

Veggie Tales Kids Bible

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Now that our kiddos are getting older, we are moving away from the children's Bibles and on to the elementary-aged kids Bibles.  The difference is that the children's Bibles paraphrase scripture where the elementary Bibles use actually scripture.

The VeggieTales Bible is one of the newest elementary Bibles available.  And, I really like what I see!

Written in the New International Reader's Version, scripture is written in at a third-grade reading level for children to easily read and understand.  The NirV version shortens sentences and sections yet without losing context.  Chapters are separated into shorter sections and title are given to help the child gain the main point.  Names of people and places are coherent throughout.

Each individual book of the Bible begins with a description to help the child understand the main point, major characters, and the theme of the book.  Throughout the scripture are highlighted key verses for the child to memorize as well as points to ponder and apply.  Of course all of these points are given by Veggie Tale characters.  To end this Bible is a dictionary providing explanation to hard-to-understand words.  Finally, there are eight different Veggie Tale stories intermixed throughout the Bible provided as colorful comic strips.

The NirV Bible is available in many different themes.  Veggie Tales is just one option.  Find a theme that draws in your child and combine it with scripture.  It has worked with our children.

What is your favorite themed NirV Bible?

Thank you to Zonderkidz for allowing me to review this great Bible!

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