Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Craft: Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Easter is quickly approaching and so I wanted to make some new crafts.  Tissue paper is easily assessable and makes really cute Easter eggs! (as well as other crafts)  The Easter eggs pictured above used two different processes.  One with glue and one with vinegar. 


Vinegar or water downed glue
Paint Brush
Small container to hold glue or vinegar
Easter Egg Printable, Cross printable, or any shape that you desire
Wax Paper (optional)
Tissue Paper (make sure it is the "bleeding" type and not the non-bleeding)

Crystal shared the idea of making a window hanging with the tissue paper and glue.  Using the Easter Egg printable, cut out an egg on wax paper.  The wax paper allows the light to shine through.  Thank you Crystal for sharing this idea!

1.  Begin by painting a small section of the egg with vinegar or watered down glue.  

2.  Tear small pieces of tissue paper and place on the wet egg.   Paint over the egg with the vinegar or glue again.  Let dry.

 3.  If using the vinegar method, peel off the tissue paper once dry.  The color will have bled through to leave a pretty watermark as pictured below!

This same methods could be used with many craft projects from Christmas trees to Bible crafts or Letter Art.

What other crafts would you use the tissue paper?


  1. I use wax paper instead of regular paper with the watered down glue. Once it dries cut out and hang in a window and it looks like stained glass.

    1. Crystal - Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I have added it to the post! - Heidi


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