Monday, February 4, 2013

Visual Perception Workbook Now Available!!!!

Once again, you asked for a book and we have produced it!  Now available is the Visual Perception Workbook.  You no longer have to take the time and accumulate expense to print your own!

What is Visual Perception?

In January 2009, I was exposed to a developmental term on a personal level as an optometrist explained that it isn't about 20/20 vision. Our son's eyes were doing exactly what they should be doing. What we were dealing with was a visual perception problem. A problem between what the eyes saw and how the brain was translating the information.

As the optometrist put it, "The hardware is a there but there is a software problem."  If a child does not interpret the information correctly, reading and writing may be close to impossible to do!

Visual perception is the translation between the eyes and the brain.  Correct translation is imperative to reading and writing.  The activities included in this book can help correct visual perception issues as well as strengthen the brain and eye communication.


What does the Visual Perception Workbook contain?

The exclusive Visual Perception Workbook contains over 100 worksheets used to improve the child's visual perception skills (brain and eye communication).  The worksheets include: various mazes, Dot-to-Dot, Roll-a-Picture Games, and all of the Visual Perception Worksheets (color tracking, drawing, matching, finishing patterns, etc.).


Which curriculum use the Visual Perception Worksheets?

Along with fine and gross motor activities, each lesson plan in the 4 and 5 Year Curricula contains visual perception activities.  A set of worksheets is suggested in the Lesson Plans.  While one activity may be difficult for your child, another activity may be simple. Many worksheets increase in difficulty. Spend more time on areas with which your child is struggling.

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Who can use the workbook?

This workbook can be used with preschool and elementary aged child.  Several Occupational Therapist have asked to use these worksheets with their clients.  Thus a License has been created for businesses and organization who would like to use the worksheets with children in their lives. Be sure to let the therapists in your life know about this great resource!

While these activities are great for children who struggle with visual perception issues, these activities are wonderful for any children as they work the brain and eye communication!

Cutting Worksheets

How can I order?

Click here to order an ABCJLM book.  Then choose the 4 or 5 Year Curriculum link and choose the Visual Perception Workbook.   

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