Friday, February 15, 2013

Teaching Children About Prayer

Because prayer can be such a difficult process for adults, sometimes we have trouble explaining it to our children.  I do you explain such an abstract concept?

I Can Talk With God is a book by Debby Anderson who did an excellent job of explaining what prayer is and how to pray.  (This is a link as Amazon does not offer this book except through third-party sellers.)

The book begins and ends with the Lord's Prayer which is our example given by Jesus of how to pray.  Next Ms. Anderson explains that God made people to talk so they can talk to Him.  The reader learns where to pray, what to pray, and how God answers prayer.   A point that I appreciate the author making is that of praying for fire fighters and police officers when we hear sirens. 

The illustrations are adorable and filled with colors.  The characters are active and draw the reader into the pages.  Also, each page or point contains a scripture reference for added learning as well as showing the reason for the author's point.

One of the illustrations shows a girl reading her Bible in a tree house while eating cookies.  Little Man can't wait for summer to come so that he can mirror this activity!

For additional ideas, crafts, and songs about prayer, be sure to visit the Bible Craft and Activities: Prayer page. Prayer is also covered in detail in the 5 Year Curriculum

Also read the free ebook, "A Quiet Time, Worth the Time," to see how to incorporate prayer into your own quiet time. 

What ideas concerning prayer do you have to share?

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