Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help for Anger Management #6

A couple of  weeks ago I featured a week-long series in which I shared little nuggets of wisdom that I gleaned from Julie Ann Barnhill's book She's Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger.  Today I want to share another practical tips to use in your own life.

Wisdom Point #6 -
So many times I mentally review my job as a parent. "To teach my children about God and His love for them," I remind myself over and over.

But Julie Ann Barnhill says there is more.
Our task as parents is not just to teach our children about God, but to model for them, to the best of our ability what God is like. The Bible teaches us that God is kind, slow to anger, merciful, gracious, righteous, abounding in loving-kindness, a stronghold, a shield, a protector, a defender of the weak, perfect, sure, pure, true, gracious, strong, and good.... It is here that I have to ask myself, “Will my children be able to believe these truths about God as a result of their earthly mother's life and behavior?”
Teaching and modeling. They go hand-in-hand.

And with this point, my shoulders fall.  I have blown it so many times.  Probably blown it more times than I have succeeded in modeling appropriate behavior.  Using these percentages, the enemy wants me to feel defeated.

But I refuse to stay down. By God's gracing...  With the help of the Holy Spirit...  As I grow in the image of Jesus through daily time with Him, I will continue to do the best I can to model Jesus to my children. 
Will you join me in praying Julie Ann's prayer?

“Dear Father: Open my eyes to the fact that I teach my child/children about You in the daily routines of our life. While we are in the car, traveling to and from school or practice. I am teaching them about You. Through my reactions to their failures and mistakes, I am teaching them about You. And dear God, in my furious outbursts or my silence and coldness, I am also teaching them about You. Teach me anew the spiritual significance of my life as a mom, and show me any abuses that I need to rid our lives of through Your grace and power. Amen.”

A few more tips are yet to come.  Be sure to join us!

How are you doing at modeling Jesus?

Thank you to Harvest House Publishing for allowing me to review this helpful book. 


  1. I have had this book for about 7 years now (I believe) I have never read the whole thing because the parts that I have read are really great but than I get angry. I get angry that I have even gotten to this point in my life as you mentioned above I than feel defeated. Each year however I do review it and try to read a little more. I missed your posts on this book and will have to go back and read them and hopefully finish the book and make changes.

    1. Tamica - I hear your heart and I hurt for you. I understand on a personal level. But remember that it is a process and not an immediate fix. Try to be angry one less time today. Just one. And that is progress. I have several other posts about anger under the "Anger Management" category. I pray that you will find encouragement and practical tips.


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