Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Choose a Children's Bible for Your Child

I am amazed at the assortment of children's Bibles available for purchase.  There are rhyme Bibles, girl Bibles and boy Bibles, fluffy lamb Bibles, and seek-and-find Bibles.  For older children there are action Bibles, princess Bibles, and Veggie Tales Bibles.  Just when I think I have reviewed all of them, a new one becomes available.  (Click to read several of my Bible reviews amongst our Bible category.)

But which Bible is the best for your child?

While I have suggested our favorite eight Bibles for children aged toddler to early elementary, the decision rests in your hands. 

When choosing the right children's Bible for your family, I encourage you to think about the following points:
  • How will be the Bible be used?
    Will it be the child's main Bible or is it for supplemental purposes?  It is my opinion that the child's main Bible should be spot-on with the Scriptures and without added fluff.  This way, the child has a bases of Bible stories that is accurate. 
  • Does the children's Bible accurately paraphrase the Scriptures without adding assumptions or subtracting important information?
  • Is the added information in the stories to help the child understand the Bible story or does it provide unbiblical assumptions?
  • Is scripture reference included with the stories so that the child begins to recognize the books of the Bible?
  • Do the illustrations draw in the child or are the details overwhelming?
  • Is the Bible written in a way that the child can easily understand and recall the Bible stories?
  • For older children, does the Bible aid in the application process?
While reading the Bible is important to children, making it age appropriate, biblically accurate, and applicable is key. 

Which children's Bible is your favorite?


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