Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have You Joined SISTERS?

About a year ago, I created a Facebook group with the mission of supporting women in their spiritual journeys.  With the introduction of our new ebook and a nudging of the Holy Spirit, I have decided to shake things up with a new name, a new description, and a new purpose.  Keep reading to see how you can be part of our group too!

Mommyhood is rough.  The exhaustion from training, loving, and caring for those around us can take its tole.  But God continually reminds us that we are not alone on this journey called “life.”  Upon acceptance of the Lord as our Savior, we were given a Helper – the Holy Spirit.  He is our guide to help us keep everything balanced or “between the ditches.”  One hundred percent of the time He is with us, helping us to not only survive but thrive!  Thankfully God has given us girlfriends as well as the Holy Spirit to come along side us with encouragement, support, and laughter.  Sisters in Christ who hold us up when we are too tired to stand on our own.

And this is where SISTERS comes in.  A group of ladies who:
  • Support
  • Inspire
  • Seek
  • Train
  • Encourage
  • Rely
  • Serve
We support each other in our Christian lives.  We inspire those around us to dig deeper in the Word.  We seek the Lord each morning.  We train each other in what God has taught us.  We encourage our sisters to keep running the race before them.  We rely on each other when we feel weak.  And we serve each other as sisters in the body of Christ.

Our Mission:

The mission of SISTERS is to further meet the spiritual and emotional needs of women around the world. This ministry is designed to "encourage one another day after day" as we grow in our relationship with Christ, to serve others with the gifts that we have been given, and teach each other to be healthy women, all with the purpose of glorifying God.

Want to join us?

We would love to have you join our SISTERS Group on Facebook - SISTERS at ABCJLM.   Here you will find a group of women just like you who are broken and tired.  They haven't joined the group because they have it figured out.  Instead, they know that God isn't finished with them yet and they deeply desire to grow in their relationship with Him. 

Some of the Topics We Discuss...

  • Having a Quality Quiet Time
  • Being a Healthy You
  • Accountability
  • Share what God is Teaching You
  • Marriage
  • Prayer Request
  • Friendship
  • Motherhood
  • Encouragement
  • Advice and Suggestions
  • Devotion and Study Options

Want to invite your friends?

We would love for you to let everyone know about our SISTERS group.  One way to share is to click on the button.  Another great way is by adding the SISTERS button to your blog.  Copy the button code and let everyone know you are supported by SISTERS and invite them to join us!
Grab Our Button - Copy and paste this link:
<a href="" mce_href=""><img src="" mce_src="" border="0" alt="SISTERS" >

How can this group best encourage and help you?

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