Friday, January 11, 2013

Four Fabulous Books For You!

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Yesterday I shared with you books by my new favorite children's author - P. K. Hallinan.  Most of the books are from the "Let's" series where Hallinan creatively teaches children character and manners through rhyming lines.  These books are fabulous and I believe that they should be in all homes. 

Today, I am going to share a second set of books by this same talented author.  These four books all deal with relationships and firsts.  In child-appropriate terms, Hallinan prepares a child for new situations by explaining what the child will see, who he or she will meet, and what will occur. 

My First Day of School
This book provides the child with an example day at school.  The reader learns ideas of what the child will do and discuss during the day.

My Teacher's My Friend
While focusing on the happenings at school, this book focuses on the teacher's role in the day.  The reader sees the teacher as a caring leader.

My Dentist, My Friend
Going to the dentist can be a very scary situation for a child.  Sitting in a huge chair with bright lights around can scare the bravest face.  This book explains dentist as helpful, caring, and special.  The child is taken through a routine visit at a dentist's office by introducing the child to a lobby, a oral hygienist, and then finally the dentist.  The pictures are big and applicable to all dentist offices that we have visited.  

My Doctor, My Friend
Similar to the dental book, this one leads the child through a typical doctors visit.   The child learns that he or she must wait until called by a nurse.  Next, the reader learns things that a doctor may do to help the child feel his or her best - look in your throat, check your eyes, listen to your heart, etc.

Because of the quality of each of these books, all four have been added to the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum and/or website.

What fear of your child's has been eased by reading a book?

 Thank you to Ideals Publications for allowing me to share with you these amazing books!

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