Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Curriculum in Book Form Price

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Five years ago, God put on my heart the vision of a free online preschool curriculum which we named ABC Jesus Loves Me.  To our surprise, God has expanding this vision to include four curriculum, workbooks, this blog, forumebook, and Facebook groups - and a full time job for me. 

As the use of the curriculum increased, many asked us to provide the preschool curriculum in book form.  When they saw the amount of time and the expense that it takes to print the 36 weeks of lesson plans and the 100+ worksheets, they desired the ease of purchasing it.  So, we set to work making this desire a reality.  We started with two and now offer nine spiral bound books

After almost three years of offering these resources, we have come to a difficult decision.  The rising printing and postage costs have forced us to reexamine our prices for the books and Licenses.  Starting February 1st a $5 increase will be added to all books and Licenses making each book $30.   Purchases of 1-2 books will still include Media Mail shipping with the option of upgrading to Priority Mail.  Purchases of three books or more will upgrade to Priority Mail. 

UPDATE:  Due to my son having surgery, these changes will begin to change over on January 28th.  If you planned to wait until January 31st to take advantage of the lower price, please let me know and I will refund you the extra amount.  I am sorry for the need to change my original plan. 

UPDATE 2:  My plans for shipping fell through as well.  I found out that I can't do what I hoped to through the basic Paypal set up for shipping.  I even called to make sure.  After placing the book(s) in the cart, you now have the option to choose Media or Priority Mail shipping. 

As the popularity of ABCJLM continues to increase, many have asked us why we continue to offer the curriculum for free?  That's because we still believe in God's vision for the ABC Jesus Loves Me website - to provide all families with quality, Bible-based resources in which to prepare their child(ren) for Kindergarten.  So the curriculum and worksheets will remain free for families and their children.  The cost increase will only affect those who choose to order the books in print form and those using the curriculum in a non-family situation.  (The price for renewing a License will not change.)

We are announcing this price increase now to give you time to order the books or a License at a lower price.  You can do that by clicking here

Please let me know any questions that you have about this change.


  1. This was the first year that I've used the curriculum with my 2 year old. I chose to print worksheets out. As it turned out, I didn't print EVERYTHING as we only did certain worksheets and projects. I very much appreciate having that option. Thank you so much for making this available for SAHM for free. It has truly allowed us to have fun homeschooling and customizing our particular "class"work :-)
    I am considering purchasing the workbooks for when she starts the 3 year old curriculum. But for now, I'm loving it. Thank you again for following what God has called you to do.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I am always blessed to hear how much people are enjoying the curriculum!

  2. We are starting the 2 year curriculum in Feb for the first time with our daughter. I had been searching everywhere for something to help her prepare for school that I could do here at home. I would LOVE to get the books but being a SAHM also, it's just not in the budget right now. I'm hoping to get them for later years however. I'm very appreciative for you posting for free but also for posting it in general. We want to give her christian knowledge in addition to the regular school learning. Thanks again!!

  3. I think it's totally fine for you to raise prices to meet your new costs (of course!). You are providing a wonderful ministry to so many.


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