Thursday, January 17, 2013

Craft: Fish Bowl

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Fish crafts have so many possibilities when teaching preschoolers.  You can read books about fish, talk about fish in Creation or with the Disciples, or discuss ocean animals.

This a fun craft that I put together with Little Man. I thought it turned out really fun!

Fish Bowl - Cut off the top inch of a paper plate.  Paint the cut-off portion black.  Paint the rest of the circle blue.  Let dry.  Staple or glue the cut-off piece onto the bottom of the large piece to form a platform and a fish bowl.  Paint ocean plants.  Paint the child's hand to create a handprint fish for the aquarium.  Add a goggly eye for the fish.

Or, add fish stickers and ocean plants to create the look of a fish bowl.

This craft is specifically for the 2 Year Curriculum, Week 5 study on Creation.  But as stated before, you could use with so many learning objectives.  

With what other objective could you use this craft?

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