Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cracking the Covenant Code for Kids

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As our kiddos are getting older, I am beginning to think about how we will turn the reigns of personal devotionals over to them.  Instead of us dictating the time, it is getting close to the time that we allow the older kids a chance to branch out.  This will not happen over night but will occur slowly as the child shows maturity to handle it.

Cracking the Covenant Code for Kids by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt is a great option during this transfer.  This book is part of the Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies for Kids.  Take the depth of Kay Arthur's adult Bible studies but on the level of a late elementary-aged child.  Add in a bunch of fun and activities and you have a win-win situation.

My mom told me about the Kay Arthur kid-geared Bible studies.  She had gotten one for a child but ended up doing it herself and really enjoyed it.  When Harvest House asked me to review one, I was interested to see what I thought.  And, I really enjoyed this Bible study.  Yes, I did it myself!

Positive Aspects:
  • Teaches the child to prayer before beginning each study.
  • Teaches the child to dig deep into the Scripture to understand what it is saying.
  • Makes the learning fun with puzzles, games, and activities.
  • Breaks down tough biblical concepts into a way that children can understand.
  • Can be used with a boy or girl.  
This would also be a great Sunday School curriculum for late elementary aged kids.  

While our kiddos are still too young to do this on their own, it won't be long until we can go through one of these books together.  And - we will both learn!

What is your favorite late-elementary age devotional?

Thank you to Harvest House for allowing me to review this book.

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