Sunday, January 6, 2013

Are You Interested in Joining a Bible Study?

Do you deisre to go deeper in your relationship with God?  

Do you need accountability to stay faithful in the study of the Bible?  

If you are like me, then you probably answered "yes" to both of these questions.  "But while my spirit is willing, my body is weak."  (Mark 14:38)  And that is where the importance of accountability comes in.  Holding each other up when we are weak.  (Read more in "A Quiet Time, Worth the Time.")

Women's Ministries are wonderful programs at church to help women stay strong.  Unfortunately, not all churches offer solid programs or sometimes what is offered doesn't fit into our schedule or financial circumstance.

God has placed it on my heart to bring a Women's Ministry program to your home.  Through our Facebook Group - Sisters at ABCJLM, you can be loved on by women who have the same desires as you!

On February 4th, we will begin a Bible study to help you go deeper and provide you with the accountability you need. 

Right now, we are taking votes to decide which study we will be covering.  Currently the top voted studies are:

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded by Henry Blackaby

James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore

Both are fabulous studies and I promise if you open your heart to what God has to show you, your life will be changed!  

If you have a study that you think would be another option, please add it to our list! So, vote today and join us!

Wednesday (as in just a couple of days) I will announce the chosen study and provide a link for you to order your book. 

While study did you vote for?


  1. I just finished Mercy Triumphs with some church ladies...incredible.

  2. I just opened my book James: Mercy Triumphs this week, so if you pick that one I would love some accountability partners!

  3. I would like to do both, but I want to start with Experiencing God.

    1. Be sure to vote for the study you want on the SISTERS at ABCJLM Facebook page -


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