Monday, December 31, 2012

What Will Your Resolution Be?

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Before breakfast a few mornings ago, I was loving on my Kindergarten-aged Princess.  As the only girl in our family with three boys, I was expressing to her my thankfulness for her servant heart and the help that she gives to her Mommy.

On the flip side, we were discussing the attitude that she lets fly at random times and the need for it to fly away permanently.  I mentioned that Mommy sports a "'tude" sometimes as well and that both of us need to lose it. 

In an innocent and loving tone Sweet Pea said, "I will get rid of my attitude after you get rid of yours."

I was taken back by her comment but then the Holy Spirit closed my mouth and opened my heart to the truth.  Monkey see, monkey do. 

While structure, discipline, and boundaries are needed to mold godly children, I am learning more and more that values are caught and not as much taught

With that in mind, I started thinking about my New Year resolutions.  What in my life needs God's cleansing touch?   As I created the mental list I realized that every area that comes to mind points back to sin in my life.  The lack of self-control, peace, love, joy...  The heart issues that are keeping me from reflecting God's image. 

With this need in mind, my resolution for 2013 is to make my quiet times worth the time.  Because the only way that I am going to get rid of this yuck is to be more like God.  And the only way that I can reflect the image of God is to know Him better.

As I sit down each morning I want to be honest, repentant, and open to what God shows me.  I am learning that I can't change my life.  Only God can take out the yuck and fill it with Him.

Are you tired of the yuck in your life?  Want to join me in my New Years resolution?  

To help us get started and stay consistent on our resolution, I have written a free ebook "A Quiet Time, Worth the Time."  In this ebook I share with you what I am learning in my journey to have a quality quiet time.  Here are a few of the points covered in this ebook...
  • What are personal devotions?
  • What is the purpose of quiet times?
  • What is God is calling me to be?
  • When and where should I have quiet time?
  • What do I do during this time?
  • How can I be an image bearer of God?
  • How do I make this time worth getting up for?
  • What is journaling and how will it enhance my quiet time?   
  • What items are necessary in order to have a quiet time?
  • Why is it important to dig into and memorize the Scriptures?
  • How can I overcome obstacles that keep me from having a quality quiet time?
Sound like something you can use?  I hope so!

The "A Quiet Time, Worth the Time" ebook will be released tomorrow to all who have subscribed to this blog.   Subscribe today so you can begin having quiet times that are worth the time.

What is your resolution for 2013?  Does it need to start with your quiet time?

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