Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Gifts that Don't Clutter: Books

Have you receiving an email like this lately:
Will you please send me a list of things your kids want?  I need to begin shopping for Christmas.
This email may come from a grandparent or other family member. Either way, the writer is looking for ideas to place under the tree for your family members. 

And when thinking of children, typically toys come to mind first. But, if you are like us, our toy closet is looking rather pregnant.  So what do you suggest your child receive?  You can't go wrong with quality books. 

The first thing that I did this year to create a gift list was head over to the ABC Jesus Loves Me "Books of the Weeks" and Suggested Books lists.   In these lists, you will find the top children's books according to top book lists, ABCJLM users, and our family. 
2 Year Curriculum Book of the Week List
3 Year Curriculum Book of the Week List
4 Year Curriculum Book of the Week List
          5 Year Curriculum Book of the Week List

          K-2nd Grade Suggested Books

          3rd - 5th Grade Suggested Books

I copied and pasted into an email any of the books that we don't yet own.  Then I forwarded this list to family members and let them know that we love used books as well as new.  In the email exchanges I know that our kiddos are already getting over 30 books on this list and others.  And I couldn't be more excited!  I found several of these books at a used books store for $1 a piece.

If you home is filled with gifts that lose their appeal after two days and clutter your home, provide your family with suggestions of quality books.  They will probably thank you!  And you will be expanding the home library for your children.  Win-win!

Tomorrow, I will share more ideas that have been hits in our home.  Be sure to check back!

What have you placed on your kids' Christmas lists?


  1. WOW! These books are so nice and are perfect for Christmas gifts or birthday gifts too.

    Anyways thanks again & keep sharing

    1. I agree with the birthday gift idea. Another great time to share with family.
      - Heidi


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