Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Gifts that Don't Clutter: Curriculum

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Yesterday's post provided you with titles of quality books to share with your family members when you are asked for gift ideas for your children.  Christmas gifts are a great way to expand your home library.  Today, I want to share another idea. 

So many of you have shared the desire that you have for the printed form of the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum and Workbooks.  But with tight finances, it hasn't been an option.  Why not put the books on your Christmas lists?  Ask for the books from your parents, husband or other family member. 

Or, do you have a friend who would enjoy the curriculum or books?  Wrap up the curriculum to share.

Remember that the curriculum can be started any time of the year. And many families around the world begin in January, so you can too!  There are now nine books available to order including the four curriculum books, four workbooks, and the one exclusive ABCJLM Bible Coloring Sheets book.

Here is the link to mail to your family, husband, or to order books for yourself or as a gift.
And as always, please let me know what questions you have.  I hope that several of you will find the curriculum under your tree and finally be able to own the ABCJLM books you have been wanting for some time.

Also, don't forget that the curriculum is available in Kindle form.  You can order it through the link above as well.

Who in your life would appreciate the curriculum?

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