Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions: Turkey of Thanks

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Aren't these turkeys cute?

I found a picture for Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys on Pinterest from AllKidsNetwork.com.  While using the basic design, the kids and I made them our own using paint and a brad.  Academically we focused on mixing colors and Biblically we discussed being thankful. 

Paint - brown, yellow, red, orange, green
Paint brush and container
Construction paper
Googly eyes (optional)

Print the  Feather Printable.  

Pour a very small amount of brown paint in a container.  Paint one feather brown.  Add some orange paint.  Paint another feather.  Each time, add another color and look at how the addition changes the color of the paint.  Let dry.

Cover a toilet paper roll with brown paper and glue.

Cut out the feathers.  Ask the child to tell you what they are thankful for (five things).  Write the items on the feathers. 

Poke a brad through the back of the feathers towards the bottom.  Then, poke the brad through the toilet paper roll toward the top of the roll and fan out on the inside.  Spread out the feathers. 

Add a face and feet to the turkey. 

These make cute table decorations or mantel decor!  

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What do you use to decorate the Thanksgiving table?

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