Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Countdown of Activities

A childhood friend posted a Christmas Countdown list similar to this on her blog.  I loved the ideas she put together and asked to share them with you!

Below are example activities to get you started.  But don't be bound by these ideas!  Make it your own and start new traditions.  Use an advent calendar, small boxes, or a Christmas countdown chain (tomorrow's post).  I have also seen several ideas on Pinterest to create an advent calendar out of a muffin tin.  Very cute! 

1— put up the Christmas tree and decorate
2— tell the Christmas story with a nativity scene
3— color pictures from the Happy Birthday Jesus book
4— sing Christmas carols at the piano or with a CD
5— bake and decorate gingerbread men or sugar cookies
6— do a nativity scene sticker activity
7— Decorate a Christmas Tree Poster
8— make apple-cinnamon tree ornaments
9— color Christmas ornaments
10— string popcorn
11— go to a business open house
12— make stamped nametags on cardstock for presents
13 — open a little pre-Christmas gift: A Baby Born in Bethlehem book or other Christmas book

14 — make hot chocolate (fancy, with whipped cream and sprinkles) and read a book
15 — make Christmas cards for people
16 — watch a Christmas movie
17 — cut out paper snowflakes
18 — make and decorate brown gift bags
19 — sing “Away in a Manger," "Silent Night," or other Christmas carol
20 — create a Handprint Christmas Tree as a gift
21 — deliver a present to a relative or neighbor
22 — go on a Christmas treasure hunt
23 — eat a candlelit meal
24 — read the Christmas story out of the Bible
25 — open family’s gifts

For more ideas, visit the ABCJLM  website page - Christmas Ideas. Be sure to "Follow" our blog (in the right-hand column) so you don't miss other fun ideas!

Thank you, Myra, for letting me share this!

What activities would you suggest adding to this list?

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