Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions: An Attitude of Gratitude

While the holidays are filled with anticipation and fun, there is so much more than food, football, and parades to each of them.  Today begins our blog series, Thanksgiving Traditions in which I will be sharing ideas of my own as well as those from the ABCJLM family.  Each of these will help you leave a legacy while keeping God the focus of the holiday season.  

While many fun and great ideas will be shared, please remember no family can do all of these ideas.   So, pick a couple that will work in your situation and begin making traditions this year!

Does your home have an Attitude of Gratitude?

If you are like us, gratitude does not come naturally.  But, Thanksgiving is a great time to focus on being grateful.

Print a Attitude of Gratitude poster for each child or person in the family.  Hold a family meeting and discuss with your child(ren) what it means to have an attitude of gratitude. Give each child an "Attitude of Gratitude" poster and have the child write his name on the dotted line on the poster.  

Explain that every time he expresses something that demonstrates a grateful heart and spirit he will be allowed to place a sticker on the chart.  At the end of the month, reward each child with something special to show how important it is to you and God that he is learning to have a grateful heart. 

Glean more Thanksgiving ideas in our blog series - Thanksgiving Traditions throughout this month - and on the ABCJLM  website page - Thanksgiving Ideas. Be sure to "Follow" our blog (in the right-hand column) so you don't miss any great ideas!

How do you teach your child gratitude?

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