Monday, October 22, 2012

The Moon, Stars, and Me

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Jennifer shared this precious reminder with us on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group.  I asked her if I could share it with you. 

At 11pm I set my alarm for 6am and went to bed thinking, "Seven hours? Not bad." At 3am-ish, Lil M came in to complain that his closet door was open. At 3:30, Ian woke up to go potty and we realized Lil M was still awake and playing on his bed. Ian tried to join him but I steered him to his own bed and instructed both of them to go back to sleep. Then I spent the next hour returning Ian to his bed and telling Lil M to lay back down. At 4:30, Daddy Michael started snoring.

Knowing that I'd be a mess when 6am arrived, I threw up my hands, tied on my shoes and went for my walk/jog before it was too late. As I started, I began pleading with God to provide whatever it is going to take to make it through this day. I didn't even know what that would be...Mother Theresa/SuperMom powers all in one? 

Then I looked up and lost my breath at the bright shining stars and the even brighter moon. I thought, Day Four was a very good day for God. A God who can do that can make THIS day good too.
"By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of His mouth." Psalm 33:6"

Thank you Jennifer for sharing this with us.  You can read more from Jennifer at her blog

Which day of creation is your favorite?

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