Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not Done To a Child But For a Child

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"Discipline is not something done to a child but for a child."
After making this statement, Dr. James Dobson described the difference with a word story. 
You are traveling over a tall bridge. Although there are guard rails - you have no plans to use them. They are simply there to protect you if needed.
Discipline is the same. A parent places boundaries up for her child. As long as the child stays between the lines, life is good. But if the child runs into the boundaries, consequences are provided to help the child stay on course in the future.

Here are some question to pray about and discuss with your spouse:
  • What are our boundaries? 
  • Does our child know the boundaries? 
  • Do we have consequences in place for our child or is a punishment strictly something to do to our child?

How may it change my frustration and anger to realize that discipline is for my child?

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