Friday, October 26, 2012

Guest Post: How to Teach Children Tough Bible Stories

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Guest Post by Tauna: 

Our preschool co-op is three mommies who rotate teaching and hosting responsibilities. It's really fantastic. Last week, I was assigned the story of when Jesus forgives the adulterous woman.

I looked through AAALLLL my children's Bibles and similar resources and found exactly zero representations of that story. It's really a shame, because it is an amazing story of grace that can easily be adapted for little ears.

Telling the Story

Even my BettyLukens flannel graph curriculum didn't have this story, at least that I could find. So I pieced one together.  Here's a picture for anybody who has the set and wants to recreate it.  I also used some religious-looking men for the pharisees and scribes (not shown) and also some little stones in their hands.

Here's how I told the kids the story: 

One day, while Jesus was teaching a large crowd of people, some angry men came to Jesus with a woman. They caught her doing a big sin. Do you know what a sin is? [when we do bad things that make God sad, give examples of different sins] and these men wanted Jesus to let them hurt her with rocks. Isn't that awful?

How do you think the woman felt? [scared, bad about sinning, sad] Jesus said "Any of you that has never sinned can start throwing rocks."

You know what? Everybody has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So the men dropped the rocks and walked away one by one until only Jesus and the woman were left.

Jesus said "Woman, where are the men who wanted to hurt you?" She said "Gone, Lord!" Jesus saw in her heart that she was really sorry for what she had done. He forgave her sin. He said "Then I don't condemn you either. Go, and sin no more."

How do you think the woman felt? [happy, relieved, thankful]. Is there any sin to big for God to forgive? [NO!]

What is adultery?If the kids had asked what adultery was (so didn't want that question!) I was prepared to say it is when someone doesn't keep the promises they made when they got married. God wants us to keep our promises, especially ones we make when we get married.

Tauna loves her family and loves God. She has been married for 7 years and has 3 young children with another on the way. She writes at, so named because, as she says, "me becoming a wife, mom, and homemaker proves that anything is possible with God."

What Bible story are you struggling to tell your child?

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