Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guest Post: Creating Routines? Follow Your Husband's Lead

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Guest post from Tauna:
We've been talking a lot about creating routines and schedules in our home. When done well and catered to our family's needs, priorities, and style, they are invaluable tools.
One thing I've learned through all the iterations of schedules we've worked in our family is that  I must follow my husband's lead. For sure, he should be your guide in determining priorities for you family, but also find out what his vision for family life is!

I don't know about you, but my husband is a treasure trove of insight and vision that just needs to be drawn out. :) We wives can help our husbands articulate that vision by asking good questions and listening carefully.

Ask your husband if he can help you out with making some routines for your family. Set a time and day that just the two of you can sit down and talk, asking questions and brainstorming.

Here are some example questions:
•    What do you want the evening to be like when you get home?
•    What do you imagine daily life should be like at home?
•    What do you want our weekends to look like?
•    What is the most important thing you want to teach the kids?
•    What do you want them to remember about family life and childhood?
•    Are there any things you've wanted our family to do together but haven't gotten around to? (This led me to facilitate a family devotion every night for my husband to lead)

In addition to asking good questions practice listening for clues in daily conversations. Listen carefully to the things he says when you're not "talking schedule".

Recently, my husband came home and mentioned how he loved it when he walked in the door and there was music playing in the background. Another day he said he loved coming home and seeing the kids and I reading together. He values coming home to calmness and peace! Thankfully, not spotlessness. ;)

So make that brainstorming date with your husband, ask some good questions, and listen carefully to his heart! Your home will not only be more efficient and restful with a good-fitting schedule, but it will thrive under the leading of your husband.

What is your husband asking you to do?

Tauna loves her family and loves God. She has been married for 7 years and has 3 young children with another on the way. She writes at, so named because, as she says, "me becoming a wife, mom, and homemaker proves that anything is possible with God."

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