Thursday, October 4, 2012

Are You Being Intentional?

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After weeks of anticipation, many families across the world began a new or another year using the ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum the end of August.  So after using the program for a few weeks, I wanted to see what moms and teachers had learned about their experience.

Bonnie shared this wisdom on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Facebook Group page.
I have each day planned out to the minute, basically. Very silly thing to do and I was warned about over planning by multiple people, but I think I really had to just do it and learn from my mistake :)
Reading through the objectives in the morning is so huge for me now. I still have our "wish list" to accomplish in a day, but now I know that everyday has it's own flow and I should leave the "catch up" work for the review week!

And I'm really learning to fit things into our day rather than set aside a specific time for doing things.
Cleaning up toys = great sorting activity!
Taking a walk downtown = multiple letter recognition opportunities!
Throwing rocks into the river = discuss deep and shallow!
Waiting in line at the grocery store = reinforce patience character trait!
I love how this curriculum has taught me to be more intentional with my kids.
Did you see how she is turning the objectives into normal-day experiences?

Learning can happen throughout the day, every day.  We can teach science, math, character education, Biblical concepts, reading, and so much more if we will simply take a moment to pull out the learning.

How do you turn normal-day activities into learning?


  1. I am using the 2-year-old material this year, and fitting it into our day is the only way we can do it! Sometimes I can get my son to sit down and have "school," but more often, we sing the songs, review the memory verses, etc., while in the car, eating lunch, or taking a bath. However, I want to say that the crafts and book activities are GREAT - coming up with those activities on my own is not my strongest gift. :)

    1. So blessed to hear that you are enjoying the curriculum and activities. Love how you are incorporating the objectives into your day!

  2. I have to tell you that I used the 3 yo and 4 yo curriculum last year. My son just started K at a Christian school, and is doing wonderfully. Ahead of a lot of kids in his class, thanks to the detail you prepared for me to use with him! I am now working on the 4 yo curriculum w my almost 4 yo :) I have a 2 yo, too, so she is learning her letters, as well. You are a wealth of knowledge! I don't always cover everything, but try to get the letters and Bible stories done each week! I can always do more, as time allows. (My MIL is also a pre-k teacher, so I she sends me material) I share your sight with many people. I do love your type A personality! Thanks for your organization and insight!

    1. Glad someone likes my Type A personality! LOL!

      So blessed to hear that you are enjoying the curriculum. I hope that you let me know your ideas and questions as you use it!



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