Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scheduling Success: "Me" Replenishing Time

In our Scheduling Success series, we have discussed the need for God to be first, followed by our husbands.  Our children should come next but often get the shaft by the amount of activities and mommy responsibilities that we hold.  Returning to my "biblical answer" from the beginning of this series, next would be my friends and work.  Because, as you know people always come before things.
But what about Mommy?  Where does she fall into this list?

The christian answer is that "myself" is last.  Serve and give - that is what a good, Bible-believing, God-serving mommy does.  Or does she?

In my circle of friends and when I look in the mirror, I see mommies who are exhausted.  They give, give, give and their cups are dry.  Still every day they try to pour into those around them.  But, one can't pour in to another what you don't have in your possession.

I stated yesterday that I believe the "me" aspect of scheduling may be the most important part of our process.  Why?  Because mommy can't take of everyone else when she hasn't taken care of herself.  Period.

But God is supposed to be first!

I agree 100%.  And if mommy is taking care of herself, God is first in her life.  She realizes that she can't do it alone and daily, hourly, moment-by-moment turns to God for strength, wisdom, encouragement, and joy.

But our husbands?

Yep, when mommy is replenished, she desires to support and respect her husband. 

But the children?

By taking care of mommy, she is healthier, has the strength, and maintains the control to do the constant. And the list goes on. 

Ladies, we must take care of ourselves.  Let me make it personal.  Heidi, you must take care of yourself.  You try it..._______, you must take care of yourself!

Still not convinced?

Imagine a cup of water, filled to the brim.  The cup has two purposes - pour out and hold water.  All day, mommies pour into those around them.  Every time we train, play, discipline, clean, wipe, fold, pick up, push, sing, shut...we pour out.  Every time we have quiet time, do something just for "me," find reward in the little things, or feel God's presence we are receiving water. 

But after a while, if you are not replenishing the water in your cup, you have nothing left to pour out to others.  

For the final day of the Scheduling Success blog series, add to your schedule "Me Replenishing" Time.  What that looks like is going to vary from woman to woman.  It may be a long shower for some.  Exercise for others.  It may mean taking a dance or art class once a week.  How about meeting a friend for coffee once a month.  And remember that you time with God falls into this category.

Actually, your time with God is what begins the process of replenishing.  Have you noticed this on the days you put quiet time high on your list?

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Are your schedules too full to fit God, your husband, activities, mommy responsibilities, family time, and replenishing?  Then changes need to be made.

But don't worry; you are not alone.  I am trying to figure out the balance even as I type.  Because yet again, another non-negotiable appointment has placed itself on our calendar each week.  So, I am back to the drawing boards too.

In Closing...

While this ends our Scheduling Success series, we will continue to discuss on this blog ways to balance our time.  I pray that the Holy Spirit has used this set of blog posts to encourage and help you.  If so, to God be the glory. 

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How do you replenish yourself?


  1. Many wise words and great ideas in this series - thank you. I have a lot to think about now.

  2. Pray without ceasing - when I am in constant communication with Jesus, there is always more to pour out - not from me, but from Him. As women especially, our thoughts move 100mph! As I take all of those thoughts and conversations that I have with myself throughout the day and focus them on the Lord - talking to Him about everything - I am praying without ceasing. He is then able to pour through me into the lives of the people around me.

  3. agreed! I've been feeling so empty & dry lately, so I put all distractions aside & I'm spending more time with the Lord. I feel more joyful, energized, and all-around much better! I'm in a better mood which sets a better tone in my house as well with my children & husband.

    You must be filled up with Love, Himself...before you can pour out any love to your husband, children, or anyone else.

    Time to focus on the blessed & be that I can in turn be a blessing! <3

    Thank you for this series. You've really helped me get my priorities in order. May God bless you, Heidi, and your family! You truly are a blessing! =)


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