Thursday, September 6, 2012

Scheduling Success: Filling in Committed Times

Motherhood is a crazy time of life.  Although we understand that the years will be short, the days sometimes oftentimes seem very long.  In our "Scheduling Success" series, we have discussed the importance of using the time that God has given us for His glory.  
So far we have discussed the top two priorities in our life -  God and our husband.  We  have looked at what the Bible says and the importance of having both God and our husband before our children.  Be sure to read these posts if you missed them.

Go head and pull out the schedule that you started last week. (Print the Daily Schedule template or create your own if you have not started.)   So far you should have designated time set for God (quiet time and church) and specific time devoted to your husband.

Your schedule may look something like this:

Or it may be very different due to your situation.  And that is okay.  Planning a schedule isn't about where you put the activities but that you put the various activities down and do them. 

In order to finish a successful schedule, we need to write in the "committed times."  The activities which at this moment are non-negotiable.  Some examples would be:
  • School
  • Drive Time
  • Therapy
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Work Time
  • MOPS
  • Standing Playdates
Take a moment to write in the activities that you are committed to.  Next week we will discuss committed times and start looking for space to add mom's responsibilities, family, and personal time.

Have you filled out your schedule?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your series! There are some days when I wish my schedule looked like the one above, but instead just about every spot is filled in with something. Crazy times! But we have fun too! LOL


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