Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scheduling Success: Family Time

If you have been developing a successful schedule along with me these past two weeks, time management has probably been pretty close to the front of your mind. And I would guess that you realize some changed need to be made. But we aren't done yet.  Today and tomorrow we are going to add the final two points to the schedule - family and mommy time.  Let's talk about Family Time.
We have already set aside time for our husbands.  The Family Time portion are moments that we devote to spend with your children one-on-one or with the family as a whole.  This could be "school time," reading, playing outside, having Family Movie Night, or doing crafts.  Time that you are not busy doing something else; 100% attention.

In our family, this time would be spent outside or on a bike ride.  Or when I do therapy with Bubs or Sweet Pea and I have girl-time.  Reading and school time with the younger boys is all Mommy-time.

These are precious moments that build memories and learning.  But, if you are like me, by the time that I have designated God, Husband, Committed Time, and Mommy jobs in the spreadsheet, there is not a lot of time left. 

Option #1:  

It is time to say "no" to the good so that you can have time for the best.  In this case the best in your kiddos and family time.  Kevin Leman's book It's Your Kid Not a Gerbil is wonderful tool to help you manage the activities of life.

Honestly, we have very little outside activities.  The oldest two are in 4H which meets once a month.  Fabulous program if you are looking for a family activity.   We attend church and Bible study twice a week. Bubs has therapy each week.

We don't do ballet, gymnastics, Boy Scouts, soccer, or dance.  While these are great things, our family is unable to manage these right now.   Our family would lose down time and playing together if we did. 

The rest of our weekly activities are extra ones that pop up.  These extras may be invites from friends or extended activities.  But, these pop-up activities can kill us if we aren't careful.  We are learning to say "no" to some of the good opportunities and fun times because we need time to chill.  Then we have the energy and ability to do the best ones that come our way.  

Option #2:  
Be intentional with the time that you have and involve the kiddos in what you are doing.  

This is the one I struggle with the most.

For the most part, I involved our kiddos in whatever I am doing - cooking, cleaning, and organizing.   I believe this time is crucial to their training and it keeps them out of trouble!  We spend time together and talk as we work.

Where I struggle is stopping long enough to be intentional.  My husband will say that I am always working.  There is always another load of laundry, dishes to be done, or an email to be answered.  So, when I have a free moment, the opportunity is quickly lost because I almost immediately fill it with the next item on my mental to-do list.

Want to know something sad?  This constant-work mentality is hurting my children.  And, it is hurting me because one day I will wish back these days.

Scheduling Importance

The understanding of this is why a schedule is so important.  It forces me to see what I can truly pack into a 24-hour day.  Secondly, it helps me be intentional with the time I have been given.

Well, tomorrow will finish our Scheduling Success series.  And, I believe that tomorrow may be the most important part of your schedule! Until then, praying for you as you create a successful schedule for you and your family.

Are you too busy with too much good stuff or are you busy being busy??

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