Thursday, September 13, 2012

But the Priorities and Hours Don't Add Up?

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Did you enjoy our Scheduling Success series?  I pray that it opened your eyes to areas that need attention and showed you how to make the most of your time.  It was revealing to me!

Let's review.  Using the scriptures we decided the following list of priorities:
  1. God 
  2. Husbands
  3. Children 
Along with these three priorities must be a healthy balance of activities and mommy responsibilities.  Yesterday we also talked about the need to take care of mommy so that we have energy, love, and patience to pour into those around us.

In one of the first posts in this series - Homework Assignment for You - I asked you to calculate how you spend the 168 hours each week.  I shared my results and so did several of you in the blog comments and on our Facebook Group.

Now that I have reevaluated my schedule, below is an overview of how I spend my hours each week according to my priorities.

God    7.5 hours
Husband    16.5 hours
Family    29.5 hours
Work    17.5 hours
Responsibilities   36 hours
Me    5 hours
Sleep    56 hours

But the Priorities and Hours Don't Add Up?

Do you notice how God receives the second smallest amount of time?  Shouldn't I be spending the maximum amount of hours with God?  Why are my responsibility hours more than the hours on my family?  And, my sleep hours are more than my time with God, my husband, and family combined!

How can this be?

This is where the words quality and quantity come into play.

Because I am a full-time mommy, I will not be able to spend 40 hours a week at church, in Bible study, and doing devotions each week.  But in the time that I do spend with God, I can make sure that it is focused - quality, feast-at-His-table, refreshing - time.

My husband works over 40 hours a week and I can not spend 30 hours a week solely with him (unless you count sleeping time!).    But, I can make sure that we have quality time together each week to focus on each other.  Time that he has my full attention and I am not being swayed in other directions.

Mommy responsibilities are huge.  Many hours are eaten up by fixing meals, cleaning, and doing laundry along with being a chauffeur, accountant, and secretary.  But, I can include my children in many of these activities and transform it into quality time.  In doing that, they receive my time, training, and they learn to have a work ethic. In the same situation, I believe children need to learn to play by themselves.  Mommy work time is a fabulous opportunity for them to develop self-entertaining skills.

What's the point?  

Every second of a day is a gift from God and a responsibility to God.  A gift in that we get to love on those around us by playing, talking, reading, or doing things for them.  A responsibility because after this life we will be held accountable for each moment.  It is our job - with the help of the Holy Spirit - to figure out the balance to do it all.

And when my time is over, I sincerely want to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!"

And One Last Point

My above totals are not special nor should this be your goal.  In all actuality, several of the hours could be places in more than one category.  Right now we have several hours in our day that are non-negotiable.  

And remember, if I am talking to God throughout the day, then all my waking hours move to God time.  And, if I am involving my children in what I do and being intentional with their training, then much of the hours in responsibilities move to family time.  And, when God is first, my time with my husband is second, and I am loving on my kiddos next then automatically I will be replenished and the "me" time increases.  

When my relationship with God is right, my relationship with my husband is satisfying.  When my relationship with my husband is satisfying, my relationship with my children is positive.  And when all of these are in order, I am taking care of me. How do I take care of me? By spending time with the Lord.

Do your priorities match your use of time?

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  1. This is a great post! I love the last couple paragraphs that talk about the overlapping time. The goal is that in everything we do, for God to be glorified. I bring Him glory when I honor and submit to my husband, when I clean my house, teach my daughter, etc. As I learn to turn my thoughts towards Jesus and pray continually, my time with the Lord stretches way beyond the hour I get with Him in the morning. He becomes a part of my daily life and speaks to me through everything, guiding my steps. Isaiah 30:21 says "your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, "this is the way, walk in it" whenever you turn to the right hand or whener you turn to the left.". I love that!


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