Monday, August 20, 2012

Scheduling Your Day

When I say that I am Type A, I might as well just hand over my schedule because you know behind every Type A personality is a detailed plan.  But let's face it; our house runs much smoother when I have a plan and follow it. 

In the What Do YOU Want? post several of you have asked for ideas to help you plan your day.  Ways to help you manage the house, spend ample amount of time with your family, and include learning activities in daily life. 

Today will start one of many posts about this exact thing - scheduling.  Be sure to following the blog on the left hand column through email, google, RSS feeds, or Facebook so that you don't miss any of the posts. 

I realize that not everyone is Type A (thank you, Jesus!).  But from what I hear from you, everyone seeks at least some amount of order.  And I think there is wisdom in the search.  I believe that even the most basic of schedules are needed.

Why schedule your day?

On days that we don't have a plan, I find that nothing gets done.  We spend the day with a lot of whining and attitudes - from mommy as well. I do a lot of "armchair" parenting and am frustrated by the inconveniences of day-to-day activities. I fail to take advantage of teachable opportunities because I feel lazy and apathetic.

Secondly, since kids are not in control of their day they need the boundaries and structure that a schedule gives. The unknown is scary for a child while the predictability provides comfort. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day but what we do with the time varies.  Schedules provide better opportunity to get everything that is needed done. Mommy can start the day with quiet time and getting ready for the day and the children know what will occur when they get up.  Bedtime goes smoothly because there are no surprises. Basically, schedules allow us to utilize our hours to the fullest

Schedules take the pressure off a mom having to daily bare bad news.  There are activities in a day that no one wants to do.  In our home that is chores.  For Bubs, it is reading time.  With a schedule, the kiddos know exactly what is expected at various times of the day whether it is a favorite or dreaded activity.

Lastly, schedules allow us to focus on what is truly important.  Analyzing a day's activities shows you exactly what you value.  Did you place time in your day for your marriage?  How was your quiet time?  Did you spent all day on Pinterest searching for fun things to do with your kids or did you experience those fun times?  Searching vs experiencing is the key.

In less than an hour, I will send my daughter to her first day of Kindergarten. I am reminded of how quickly the years go by.  Just yesterday she learned to walk - or so it seems.

I have two more kiddos at home to love on.  I have the precious afternoon hours with my oldest two.  I have the evenings with my husband. I don't want to let the days pass me by. 

Friends, I am not talking about a dictator schedule.  What I want to learn to do and share with you is a plan to make the most of each day.  

Will you learn with me?  Tomorrow, "A Mom Who is Doing So Much Correct."  

What specific part of scheduling and planning would you like me to address in this blog series?


  1. I know my 3yo will benefit from a schedule with a newborn baby sister in the house too. He's off to preschool in another few weeks and I am looking forward to coming up with a better schedule for our days. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  2. With each child that we added to our family, the more important I found a schedule was. I pray that this series will help and bless you. Be sure to ask questions along the way!


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