Wednesday, August 8, 2012

He is a Liar!

The enemy will do anything he can to drive a wedge between you and the Word of God.  He knows that if Christians get in the habit of studying the Bible on a daily basis, they will never be the same!  They'll find power over their flesh and over his lies.  They'll have power to live as Christ's disciples, and they'll discover God's plan for their lives.
Satan's whole scheme for our downfall can be shut down by the simple habit of reading the Scriptures daily, and applying them to our lives.  You can be sure he'll do whatever it take to keep it from happening.  So he tries to tell us we're too busy, that it's a waste of time, or that the Bible is too hard to understand.  He surrounds us with distractions and causes our minds to wander, or he blinds us from the love that pours out through the pages, all along trying to convince us that God is somehow against us.  Never forget that the Bible calls him the father of lies! 
After reading the "Quiet Time" series on this blog, several of you shared a desire to begin your mornings with Scripture reading and prayer. 

Have you grasped the power?  Have you discovered God's desire for your life?  Has your life changed?

Or, has the desire been shut down because you feel too busy and too tired in this season of life?  Do you feel like God doesn't show up so it's a waste of time?  Maybe reading the Bible is as clear as Greek?  Are the distractions and focus too hard?

The enemy is a liar and these are his lies to you! 

Stand on the truth and find power and love.  You will be blessed.

I have the honor and blessing of being in a group with ladies who deeply desire to grow in their spiritual walk and understanding of who God is. The above passage is taken from the women's study, Balance at the Speed of Life by Barbara Folkerts which we are using to guide our time. 

How is your quiet time?

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