Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where Should I Have Quiet Time and Does it Matter?

Let's use a cooking example to make my point.  Pretend you are making a loaf of bread.  You follow the recipe measuring each ingredient to perfection.  Kneading like a mom living in the 1800's, you prepare the dough to rise to a beautiful height.  But, then you leave it on the counter for several days hoping for fresh bread.  It won't work.  The dough must be placed in a warm oven for bread to be made. 
A quality quiet time is more than finding the right study book and starting at the correct time.  A quiet place where you can focus is imperative to have a quality quiet time. 

Places that may not work:
  • In front of a TV.  Ladies don't fool yourself.  It won't work.
  • In your laundry room or kitchen while surrounded by dirty laundry and clothes.  It may be hard for you to focus with a mess reminding you of what the day holds.
  • Outside.  Cars going by may pull your focus down the road.
  • In bed.  Warm, cozy beds may cause little eyelids to drop.
  • Places where children can see you.  Enough said. 
  • At a computer.  If you are tempted to look at the computer and check your friends’ Twitter status then don’t be near or use anything with internet connection.
Places to consider:
  • Closet.  It's quiet and peaceful.
  • Garage.  It isn't cozy so you can stay awake.
  • Outside.  Where you can focus on God and His creation of nature.
  • Bathroom.  My Grandma had her quiet time in the bathroom. This was the only place that she could be uninterrupted!
We all dream of sitting in a comfy chair or overlooking a lake with a warm cup of coffee or tea for quiet time. But, the real world doesn't allow for this all of the time and adjustments have to be made. 

So, do what you can to find a place that will not cause distraction.

And next, the most important question, "Why is Quiet Time with God So Important?"

Where do you have quiet time?


  1. As your Grandma, my favorite quiet time is my bathroom window! I can spread my elbows and fold my hands and I am blessed to enjoy our backyard life in God's creation... bunnies, birds, turkeys, deer, trees, thick woods. It has become my escape place as well :) Thank you for your ideas!

  2. My youngest (1yr) has been having trouble sleeping since birth. We have finally got her sleeping through the night however she wakes between 4 & 6. She wont go back to sleep most mornings. Any suggestions?

    1. Latryce - Thank you for your question. I am going to share my suggestions in a blog post tomorrow. Let me know if you have more questions after reading tomorrow's post.
      Thank you - Heidi

    2. Latryce - I am very sorry to do this but I am working very hard to get the Bible Coloring Workbook done so I am not going to be able to write up the post for tomorrow's blog. I will do it next week though. Again, I apologize.


    3. I had a similar question. My kids are usually up between 5 & 5:30 and I'm more of a night owl than an early bird. I'd love if I could spend the first hour of my day with the Lord but my brain doesn't function well at 4 am. I look forward to reading your reading your post, Heidi!


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